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About Me

My name is Lauren Renee Angers and I am the one woman show behind Abuzz Designs! 

My first love was designing for architecture, and after the housing market collapse in 2008, I was forced to find another path which lead me to Culinary School and doing the Disney College Program.  I worked at all of the restaurants at the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts for 6 months and learned more working for Disney about how businesses should be run than I did in all of my formal education.  Disney will forever hold a special place in my heart.

While I wasn’t working in the design field anymore, I missed 3d modeling things.  I decided to get back into it and in turn 3d Printing in order to create a coffee table back in 2015 and that has spurred a new love for making that I never anticipated.  I moved on from furniture to fidget spinners to mouse ears, to magic band covers and finally landing in home decor and above all else, teaching what I’ve learned over the years.

I live in Bath, Maine with my hubs Nick and our puppies Morgan & Rona.  I love winters and live for the crazy snow storms that we occasionally get.  Snowshoeing and Ice Skating give me life in the winters while playing with the pups and kayaking give me life in the summer.

I’m a self proclaimed Disney lover and former Cast Member.  I started this shop in 2017 because I wanted a way to utilize my creativity in a fun way outside my day job

FFF 3d Printing is not the only medium I use, recently I’ve started utilitizing a laser cutter and SLA 3d Printer.  I was never a girl who knew a thing about tech and getting into printing completely changed that.

About Abuzz Designs

Everything you purchase is handmade or embellished by yours truly in my in home studio located in Bath, Maine.  I put my heart and soul into each design, going through a thorough testing phase for each product I sell making sure the best product is the one that makes it to you.  I go through a thorough quality control process to make sure you get the best product available but there may be slight inconsistencies due to the handmade nature of my products.  I always hope you love them as much as I love making them.

The DIY projects I come up with are simply projects that seem like they would be a fun project to do or something I genuinely would like in my own home.  If I enjoyed making it, I want to share with you how you can make the same!

Any teaching I do is all based on my experience and the expertise that I have been given by others.  There are thousands of ways to do the things I do, none of which are better than any other.  I love teaching what I know, but implore you to test and explore what works best for you!


1268 US Route One #152
Cape Neddick, ME 03902


Working Hours

M - Th : 6:30pm–10pm

Fri: Closed

Sat-Sun : 10am–8pm